Selfless Empire

SelflessEmpire This is the 7 min version .S.M lockri…has produced a video with the 7 min version of S.M Lockridge’s My King sermon. This video is quite different from the others I’ve seen. Let me know what you think.

Its about raising up a generation. Who will look beyond themselves, and pass through the world with purpose. Leaving something behind for the upcoming generations to run with. Its about challenging people to think and discover that things are not always as they seem. That existence has purpose. That God is not religous, but that he is love, he is life and outside of him we all exist as dead. To say that God isnt love is to say that water isnt wet.

A recent poll was taken at Stanford University asking students What is the most important thing in your life. 8% were unsure, 16% said to make money, An Astounding 76% Said To Find Out Why They Were Here, And If They Have a Purpose. Selfless Empire is about Encouraging and Equiping This generation Young and Old, To discover what they were created for.

Embrace the Journey.


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