S.M. Lockeridge’s “My King” 2007 High Energy Remixed Version

Here’s one from Aaron…


5 Responses to “S.M. Lockeridge’s “My King” 2007 High Energy Remixed Version”

  1. Magda Says:

    How do I get an mp3 download of S M Lockeridges; My King 2007 High Energy Remix? It’s life changing and I would like to show it to my mom and pass it on to her church.

  2. Linda Woolridge Says:

    No words can describe awesomeness!!!

    That is my KING! Jesus*****

  3. sonia Says:

    this is awesome that this man knew his King like no other I image that the disciples knew him this way that is why nothing stopped them is preaching about him just death stopped them

  4. Kerileng Elaine Says:

    I’m always overwhelmed by the description and worship preaching about my Lord Jesus Christ by an anointed saint of God S.M Lockridge. I have decided to worship my Lord and God the same way. Blessings to this website

  5. Terry field Says:

    That’s my King. Do you REALLY know Him?

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