My King – SM Lockridge

From joekingthedork…

Dr. S.M. Lockridge preached a powerful message about Jesus. He went through all of the wonderful and awesome things that our Savior is. I put this touching sermon to music and pictures of God’s creation for a worship service that our college group led at Montavilla Baptist Church.


14 Responses to “My King – SM Lockridge”

  1. kyle Says:

    Do you know where I can get a copy of this that is unedited and without music? I like the sound, but I am needing it without for a service I am working on.



  2. rhonda Says:

    LOVE it!!!
    That’s MY KING too, King Jesus!

  3. caser Says:

    love this 7 minute preaching

  4. jewel Says:

    I wonder if I may get the video of My King- SM Lockridge from this site? I’ll buy it. I want it to show to my church. I like this one the best. thanks

  5. Ij Says:

    The speech is so inspirational, on the work of Jesus Christ
    is there a place where I can get a free video/copy of it?


  6. Holly Says:

    I need a copy of “My King” by SM Lockridge asap. Was this ever published in print form in any book, brochure, hard copy document of any type? I can not have a web copied version. If so, how do I find it or where can I purchase it?? Even printed in the cover pull out of an audio version may work.

  7. Jonathan Says:

    Yesterday this video was played for our church before communion. I don’t beleive there was a dry eye in the entire church! What an awesome message, about an awesome King!!

    I gave my life to Christ on July 26, 2009, and not one second of my life has past since then that I don’t remember what he has done for all who beleive! Thank you Jesus for your love for us.

  8. Sondra Warner Says:

    I recited this at Bible Study last night and everyone was blessed, including myself

  9. Roger Egnor Says:

    Thank You so very much for allowing me to listen this this most powerful message. I have been listening to it for some time now, each time, is as good as the first time. I too, would love to be able to get in on disc. Is that possible? I pray if it is that I’d be able to get a copy of one. Please let me know.
    Thank you in advance.
    Roger Egnor

  10. Andrew Says:

    A great and humble man of God! He was well equipped to teach and preach the Word of God!

  11. William ogutu Says:

    How can I downlaod these sermon of “Thats my king”.It has canged all in me.The first time I heard these,I was walking to a friends place,to have all sexuall plesures with her&It hapend that I tuned in to Hope Fm and the massage was given.I never reached to that place I wanted but what hapend is that I gave my life to Christ.
    Please help me download these to mark my miraculouse day.

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